Social Media


Social Media is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing to a vast global audience. It will also improve the ranking and visibility of your website. A successful marketing campaign will also drive traffic back to your site, which not only gives a large audience the chance to purchase your goods or services, but enables search engines such as Google to see your site as being important, resulting in your site being found more easily.

As we are ghost bloggers we cannot name our clients, but these are some of the type of companies we blog for:

Estate agencies


Wealth Management Company

Recruitment Agency

Mortgage and insurance broker

Debt and restructuring company

A beauty product specialist

A well-known national Charity

Construction company

Roofing company

So why use


for your social network marketing?

We are professionals at marketing businesses on-line, we can produce customised sites for your accounts, and maintain them daily by posting blogs or micro-tweets on topics relating to your specific industry, these will be linked back to your website. We also have copywriters and journalists in-house. We can provide specific searches based on your chosen keywords and we will update your followers and accounts daily. Keeping your sites fresh and active.
If you would like us to advertise your company to a mass audience every day, then contact us and we will arrange an appointment to discuss your marketing requirements further.
We also offer training for customers and businesses' who have time to maintain their own accounts daily.
What our customers' say:
'I was recommended to wired2create in February as I had previously been paying Google for a PPC campaign, which didn't help the ranking of our website, or drive more visitors to it.

'I employed wired2create to set up twitter and Google blogger and to give us some advice on SEO. We chose a marketing campaign aimed at just Chelmsford, as our business serves the Chelmsford area, wired2create employed various methods to drive more  traffic back to our site from social media platforms, within six months our site has gone from page 5 to pay 1 on Google, when searching google - we're so pleased, and I would highly recommend wired2create, as they have great integrity and truly do work together with their clients to make sure they achieve their goals.'
Andy Wren Managing Director of a local business