Will Pinterest re-shape social media sharing?

26 Sep 2012

Pinterest has become the fourth most popular social media site in the world in a very short amount of time, and it has rapidly become one of the most valuable marketing tools for businesses on-line. It has already experienced more visitors than Google+, and is just behind Twitter and Facebook in popularity.

In brief, Pinterest is an on-line bulletin board for your potential customer’s favourite images, which for example could be houses you are looking to buy, or rent, your wedding clothes accessories and a new sofa. People love to share every aspect of their lives, from which sofa coverings they should buy to holiday destinations.

Pinterest site had 7 million unique visitors last December, and it is driving more traffic to websites than Youtube, Google+ and Linked in.

Basically Pinterest allows users to share their photographs or pin boards with their followers. When you pin something new your followers will see it, and they will be able to re-pin to their followers. It’s similar to Facebook in that your pictures or Pinterest pins can go viral.

The most powerful way to use Pinterest is to link it back to your website, so for example if you pin a photograph to an estate agency website link you can direct traffic back to your site, which will not only enable you to give more information about a property, but to drive more traffic to your site, enhancing your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

Pinterest is a new way of show casing either property or consumer wares, and in our opinion should not be overlooked as a valuable marketing tool in any B2C industry.

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