Link Popularity is important…but Panda works for us

23 May 2012

But even with the best preparation in the world we have to accept that SEO is a dynamic discipline with engines regularly adjusting their algorithms something you or your web partner like wired2create will not have any influence. 2011 was a dramatic year for the SEO industry with more businesses than ever turning to the web but it’s had its share of drama too. Google kept many on their toes with some fundamental changes to its Places algorithm, integration of local results and a major update to its Places interface.

There have also been considerable waves from Google Panda with 12% of search results being affected by this new algorithm. By and large, local business websites escaped the effects of Panda, indeed they were not the intended targets of this algorithm update.

‘Panda’ is what Google called a new algorithm it implemented which ‘scores’ websites on their content and user-experience. The focus of Panda has been to reduce the prominence of websites which have ‘thin’, low quality and duplicate content. It also targeted sites which come up short on other site-quality metrics, e.g. high advert-to-content ratios.  Panda however benefited sites with lots of high-quality, unique content like many of those created by Wired2create.

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