Has Facebook bitten off more than it can chew?

24 May 2012

Facebook who recently launched its new time-line, have received huge criticism from their 900 million users, who just don’t like the new time line, as it just doesn’t seem to function as well as the old one. Yes it’s true that all new programmes take a while to adjust to, but even after weeks of using the new time-line, we just don’t like the way it archives recent events, cuts off large pictures and generally how it displays the information.


This coupled with the fact that leading analysts have branded Facebook’s stock market debut as a ‘fiasco’ yesterday, as investors were kept in the dark about Facebook’s fall in recent profits, has made Facebook's future look uncertain. It might be time for Google+, who has lagged behind in recent times, to push ahead of its largest competitor.


However it’s important to remember that despite these recent events, Facebook still remains one of the most powerful social media portals in which to expose any business to its potential customers.

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Has Facebook bitten off more than it can chew?