Getting the words right for your website is vital

01 Mar 2012

There is no doubt that "content is king" and in the world of Search Engine Optimisation wired2create know this is true. Search engines don't look for images, video, audio or anything else they simply search for text content so good copy can go a long way. Whilst it is possible to achieve top rankings for specific keywords almost immediately based on "relevance", some sites overdo it.

Obviously keywords and phrases are vital and need to be researched and relevant to your business objectives, if your message is well-defined, then your keywords and phrases will bring you visitors that are most likely to follow your call to action whatever that is - the primary objective of Search Engine Optimization.

But some providers go keyword crazy when writing copy, creating a clumsy, short -term approach that reads terribly, can put visitors off and damage credibility. For experienced web designers wired2create strong copy that interests and engages its audience (still including keywords and phrases of course) is without doubt the most effective approach in the long term. Quality counts as visitors will recommend the site, link to it and increase its popularity by word of mouth - especially if the copy is kept fresh and updated regularly.

In addition to content, search engines respect structure and they like to know what's important about your organization. Sites ideally should have the most relevant information higher up in the site hierarchy and each page should use structural elements - heading, paragraph and other HTML tags - to prioritise importance.

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