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Great testimonial from Klose Lab Oxford University

'We recently worked with Wired2Create to develop a new website for our Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford. We came to Colin with some very basic ideas about how we wanted to portray ourselves to the outside world and he skilfully grew these basic concepts into a carefully crafted bespoke website that not only captured the important aspects of our research programme, but also more generally the culture and ethos of our team.

Our slick new website has attracted attention not only from colleagues but most importantly has noticeably increased the number of individuals applying to join the group.  Working with Wired2Create has been an excellent experience and they will be the first port of call for all future graphic and web design projects.'     

Dr. Rob Klose
Department of Biochemistry
University of Oxford

Will Pinterest re-shape social media sharing?

Pinterest has become the fourth most popular social media site in the world in a very short amount of time, and it rapidly become one of the most valuable marketing tools for business on-line. It has already experienced more visitors than Google+, and is just behind Twitter and Facebook in popularity.

Has Facebook bitten off more than it can chew?

Facebook who recently launched its new time-line, have received huge criticism from their 900 million users, who just don’t like the new time line, as it just doesn’t seem to function as well as the old one. Yes it’s true that all new programmes take a while to adjust to, but even after weeks of using the new time-line, we just don’t like the way it archives recent events, cuts off large pictures and generally how it displays the information.

Link Popularity is important…but Panda works for us

Another critical aspect of search engine's ranking, in fact a large part of any web optimisation is what happens off the page with Google and the other search engines determining sites importance by the links from external sites. Global Link Popularity is arguably the most important Search Engine Optimization criteria. Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines love to see sites that have quality incoming links from other relevant sites. Sources might include current associates, online directories, or press releases.

New website for Cambridge Research Institute - Carroll Lab

Wired2Create have just finished The Carroll Lab Website - part of the Cambridge Research Institute. The brief was to create a young appealing site, which was easy to navigate...


Getting the words right for your website is vital

There is no doubt that "content is king" and in the world of Search Engine Optimisation Wired2create know this is true. Search engines don't look for images, video, audio or anything else they simply search for text content so good copy can go a long way. Whilst it is possible to achieve top rankings for specific keywords almost immediately based on "relevance", some sites overdo it.